Eating Nose to Tail

My stock boiled away for several hours, smelling delicious.  Eventually I plucked out the head to see what I'd been left with.  As with most heads there was a good amount of meat, and all the hours of boiling had actually done very good things to the tongue, but the brain was mush.  Very close to the texture of wallpaper paste.
I picked the meat, and peeled the tongue.  The broth was very strong, my thought is that they killed the lamb by inserting something into its head, which bled quite a bit (I discovered that after I cleavered the head open) so there was quite a bit of blood in the stock.  Not something I thought about.
The scotch  broth I made had loads of flavour, but to me seemed a tad gamier than it normally is.  And I'm admittedly disappointed about not getting to try some yummy fried brains, or cold brains on toast. 
I did, however,  get a very flavourful (if maybe a tad gamey) bowl of soup.


11/09/2010 05:27

Absolutely delighted that you are doing a Meat CSA, I can hardly wait for some interesting ideas, as opposed to the rehashed recipes we get on the mainsteam websites.
I would love it if you found some more lamb brains. Had it a couple of weeks ago as an appetizer - wrapped in proscuitto and deep fried - It was sublime!!

11/09/2010 10:10

A meat saw is definitely in my future!

03/31/2011 19:16

They used a bolt gun to drive a steel spike into the lamps head with compressed air. <POOF!> The lamb is killed and stunned at the same time, they they retract the bolt an set it for he next lamb.

06/14/2011 18:29

Regarding the blood taste, it is essential to leave the head in a pot full of water overnight, changing the water 3-4 times in order to get rid of the blood. As for the soup, I suggest boiling it without any vegetables, after getting rid of the scam, I strain the stock, return the picked meat in the soup along with dill (you can also try lettuce and parsley) and a couple of tablespoons short grain rice. Finally I incorporate a greek style egg and lemon sauce into the soup.


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