Eating Nose to Tail

A few weeks ago I gave a lecture at Cambridge School of Culinary Arts Pastry program about chocolate.  The lecture is 3 hours long and held in the evening so I decided to make the students a big batch of chipotle chocolate pulled pork.  When I picked up my ingredients from the school's purchasing department my pork shoulder had the skin still on.  I love it when ingredients end up having bonus ingredients built in.
After getting my pork together, simmering in a pot of chili chocolate loveliness I turned to the skin.  Following the directions set forth by my fellow SeriousEats contributor Chichi I put the skin in salt and let it sit for a week.
After the skin was removed from the salt I gently cooked it in pork fat until it was tender, about 2 hours.  According to Chichi at this point my skin can stay submerged in the fat forever.  And this is how it sits in my fridge surrounded by lovely white fat.  When I'm ready I will turn my oven up high and roast the skin until it is deep brown and crisp.  Then salt it and eat it.  

A very big thank you to the CSCA purchasing department for getting fantastic ingredients with a lovely bonus attached.