Eating Nose to Tail

A few months ago I read that kohlrabi is the offal of vegetables.  That concept seemed at bit odd to me initially, but after mulling it over I guess I can see what they're saying.  When initially confronted with a bulb of kohlrabi many people are initially confused.  Have no idea what to do with it.  Or simply steer clear of this funny little veg all together.  Not far from the reaction that many people have to most of the offal or off-cut world.
Whenever I slice up kohlrabi I always think of broccoli stems.  The slightly thicken skin with a tender, vegetal center.  Whether or not you peel it depends on the bulb you're working with, but generally speaking if you slice it nice a thin you can keep the skin on with good results.
Once you've gotten this far, all that's left is a few sliced scallions, some lime juice, fish sauce and a bit of salt and you've got a simple fresh summer salad.
Kohlrabi salad with scallions, lime and fish sauce.
If you think of offal and odd-bits as misunderstood yet delicious - and with a little patience and technique that misunderstanding can become enthusiasm, and dare I say, adoration, than I suppose kohlrabi might be the offal of vegetables.