Eating Nose to Tail

Cleaning out my freezer I came across a pair of trotters from our meat CSA.  I'd been telling myself that I was going to bone them out and stuff them, but considering how long they'd been sitting in the freezer that seemed pretty unlikely.  Instead I turned to Fergus Henderson's second book Beyond Nose To Tail and made a lazy version of trotter gear.  By lazy I mean I put mirepoix, red wine, peppercorns, some water and the trotters in my slow cooker and let it go for 6 hours.
The house smelled terrific.  Once my slow cooker was done I strained the liquid and picked through the leftovers removing all the large bits of vegetables and bones.  Then I tore the large bits of skin, tender cartilage and meat into small pieces and placed it back in the rich liquid.
Trotter gear.
After it set in the fridge overnight I really got to see how thick the liquid actually was.  Gelatinous is an understatement.  Prying a chunk out to cook some 4th of July collard greens in took both a spoon and a knife.

The flavour is intense, meaty and very porky.  
Collard greens cooked in trotter gear
Not really sure what to do withe the rest of my trotter gear, I'm open to suggestions.


06/23/2013 17:51

Wow! This is amazing. How were you able to do this? I have not experienced cooking trotters. I am always hesitant to cook it because I think I would not be able to make a good meal out of it. But I really like to try it. My massage therapist told me that eating a pig's trotter a good feed of pigs’ trotters can prevent joint pain.

06/24/2013 23:50

I never knew that pig trotters are good for health! Instead I heard that after having it we might need to take heavy medicines to prevent ourselves from getting ill! Moreover I don’t like to make that dish in my home since it creates some foul smell!

07/18/2013 00:07

wow, I can imagine the smell inside the house :D I'm not sure if I ever try it at home :)

10/02/2013 12:44

In Egypt we have a similar dish called Kawarea but it is cow feet.

01/27/2014 04:40

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