Eating Nose to Tail

Thanks to my new meat CSA (Stillman's Turkey Farm) I've managed to get my hands on a lambs head.My grand plan was to break down my lambs head into it's various parts (skull, brain, tongue) and use each of those elements in different dishes.  This pan was derailed when I realized that in order to break down this head I needed a saw.  And I do not have a food safe saw. 
Trying my best to break it down, this didn't help at all.
The obvious solution to my dilemma is soup.  I'm hoping that if I keep my stock boiling really low then my tongue and brain wont get overcooked.  We'll see how I do.
Fingers crossed my plan works!
Worst case scenario is a really killer batch of scotch broth - and all things considered that's a pretty awesome worst case.


11/03/2010 08:44

I think I tried hammering the skull at some point without much to show for it.

Yeah, the sawing part is a lot of work, but I think it is necessary for a nose-to-tail chef to have one. Otherwise you can't make stock with a really long bone. And you still need one to extract the brain.

I cooked everything at the same time and thought it all tasted great, although some of it was probably overcooked by official standards.

11/03/2010 09:58

Thanks for the encouragement Greg!

It's still sitting on the stove as we speak (type) and it's really looking, and smelling good.

I am definitely picking up a good saw before my next CSA pick though!

11/03/2010 10:10

I just noticed the typo in the last sentence. Boiling a lamb head will not produce scotch (alcohol), but will produce scotch broth (the soup).

That's a pretty funny typo though :)

11/04/2010 17:42

That is potentially the best worst case scenario ever. If it turns out that the soup is not up to your standards I will happily come over and devour it for you.

11/05/2010 08:44

I ate the soup last night - I will let you know how it was ASAP :)

11/07/2010 16:03

After you get a meat saw you'll wonder what you did without it. It makes cutting frozen meat and fish possible and simplifies getting into shank marrow. Don't skrimp on the size though - get a big one (at least 24" blade).

03/28/2011 19:42

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07/22/2013 22:39

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