Eating Nose to Tail

Sadly, I got no pictures.

The non-vegetarian main was galantines of Cornish hen.  The hens all came with their little packets of giblets most of which went into the stock pot.  I did however save the livers and soak them in port overnight.  A quick sear in butter and onto a crostini -the sauce got finished with cream and drizzled over my port soaked liver crostini.

Only three of us ate them, but I have to admit they were really tasty.

One of my New Years Eve companions did get a picture of a gallantine.  I stole this off facebook
Galantine of Cornish hen stuffed with cornbread, sausage and leek.
I'm very happy with how I managed to sneak in a little nose to tail into my New Years Eve - I'm really looking forward to another year of these tasty treats!


01/04/2010 13:43

great meal! the others missed out with those livers

01/04/2010 17:22

Thanks Tobi! I think so too :D

01/13/2010 13:47

If I had it to do over again, I think I would have tried the livers. Everything else was so amazing, I'm sure I wouldn't have been disappointed!


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