Eating Nose to Tail

Due to my Canadian childhood I had little to no experience with Mexican food until I moved to the US.  And when I did move I went a little burrito crazy - as in all things wrapped in a large tortilla were good.  There was no filter.  None.

Having lived in America for the past three years I've gotten a little better with Mexican food in general - but I'm still trying to tune my burrito filter.  They all still taste pretty flippin' good to me.

My favorite burrito served at the Mexican place down the street from my house is the beef tongue (or lengua).  I decided to treat myself earlier today.
My lunch, in all its foil-wrapped glory.
I love this filling.  Tongue seems somehow beefier and more substantial than the regular beef.  And my little place goes the extra mile and grills the tongue so it gets a crisp almost charred taste and texture.  Combined with the soft rice, gooey beans and fresh iceberg lettuce my tongue was very happy to have another tongue as it's companion for lunch.
The first few bites.
Combine this with a little homemade hot sauce thats got the ideal amount of heat (not too much - I'm a bit of a wuss) and I am one happy Canadian.

Tongue is not only a great economy food (there's a lot of food in one tongue) but as I've demonstrated in other posts (salad, sandwich and main course) it's very versatile.

I may not know much about Mexican food, but I know a little about tongue, and I sincerely advise everyone to go try a tongue burrito for lunch soon.  Your tongue will welcome the company.


01/13/2010 10:01

Damn that looks yummy!
Your gonna take me there when I come down right???

01/13/2010 10:45

If we haven't moved by then :) We may have to find a new place in my new neighborhood.

01/22/2010 13:49

Lengua tacos are also very popular in Mexican cuisine and there are several taquerias in the area with tongue on the menu.

I love Mexican, especially since Mexican really know how to maximize the nose-to-tail concept. Unfortunately, I haven't found a lot of good Mexican in the Boston area--I'm anxious to try Ken Oringer's La Verdad but haven't made it yet. However, I had some of the best nose-to-tail Mexican ever on my recent trip to San Jose where I had brain, tongue, and tripe tacos:

The tacos were nice because they weren't as heavy as burritos usually are. Also, not having any rice lets the flavor of the meat permeate your tastebuds even more. If only I could Mexican like that here in Boston!

06/21/2013 04:09

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