Eating Nose to Tail

Just a quick post to introduce the back fat that's been curing in my fridge for the past few weeks.  Once again full credit due to Fergus Henderson, only this recipe is inspired by a recipe from his second book, Beyond Nose to Tail Eating

Basically the recipe has you cover a nice piece of fresh pork fat with salt and put it in the fridge. I also decided to add few dried spices (whole allspice, juniper and peppercorns).
Uncovered fat with salt and spices.
I've decided to let it sit for a month before uncovering it. Fergus Henderson recommends serving it thinly sliced and wrapped around walnuts.  I'm excited to try it broiled on some nice crusty bread.
Covered fat with salt and spices.
Should be done in a few weeks when the weather is starting to transition from pleasantly crisp to dreary and cold.  A nice slab of fat is just the thing to keep away the winter hum-dums.


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