Eating Nose to Tail

One of the real reasons behind my recent visit to Canada was my Uncle Bunny's 63rd birthday.  The party was planned a few days in advance.  Schnitzel, fried chicken and pig tails were just a few of my favorites on the menu.

The pig tails are prepared by Mum, who boils them and then marinades them in a sugary spicy mixture for a few hours.  She then places them in a hot oven to crisp them.
Pig tails waiting for the oven.
There are always some bits that get burned, but that's a small sacrifice for these fatty, crisp, almost rib like knobs of pork.  Unfortunately I was flipping schnitzel when they came out of the oven, and although I did get a plate of these brought over to me by a few caring souls, I did not get a picture of the final product.

It did however inspire me to go get some pig tails of my own, and try and make my very own version of this childhood favorite.  My pig tails are sitting in my fridge as I type, waiting for my next moment of porky inspiration.


08/27/2009 11:48

Looks delicious. I would be interested in knowing what your Mum puts in her marinade. Also, where did you get your pig tails and would you recommend freezing them if I get my hands on some before I can cook them immediately?

08/27/2009 12:39

Hi Beth!

I have pig tails in my freezer right now, so absolutely freeze them if you find them. Those pig tails were from a supermarket in Chinatown (in Toronto) but that's generally a good place to find them.

As for the spices, I'm not 100% sure what she puts in them. Maybe I can get her up here and she can tell you herself.

08/27/2009 12:57

Hello Ladies,
Here is my recipe for the Pig Tails.
The first time I ate them was about 35 years ago in a little tavern in Mennonite Country just outside of Waterloo Ontario called the Blue Moon.
I asked for their recipe!

5 - 6 pig tails
3/4 cup corn syrup
1/2 cup ketchup
1/4 worchestershire sauce
1 tbsp dry mustard
1 tbsp ground ginger
1/2 tsp cayenne

Cover pig tails with cold water & boil for 1 hour. Drain, cool & chop into 3 - 4 pieces
In bowel, mix the remaining ingredients and add the pig tails.
Transfer to a baking dish and bake in a 350 oven for about 1 hour until crispy.
Turn several times to glaze and watch out because with the corn syrup, they start to burn after about 30 minutes.

08/27/2009 13:03

There you go, straight from the source!

11/30/2012 11:49

Slowww. Bt So True

08/28/2009 04:37

I was actually in a Super Stop and Shop last night in Allston-Brighton and they were selling pig tails there! I think I may have embarrassed my husband because I danced around a while squealing "I can't believe they have pig tails!" They also sell tripe (all honeycomb) cow heart, kidney, and liver, pigs ears, and trotters. And, the store is walking distance from my house. So pigs tails are coming up.

This recipe looks amazing. It reminds me of something that we would do in the south (of the US) where I am from. We love to mix ketchup into our marinades. I may try substituting brown sugar for the corn syrup. Should show up on the blog at some point! Thanks a bundle, Ingrid!

08/28/2009 08:50


That's the Stop & Shop closest to me too. Occasionally they'll have rabbit as well :D

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09/01/2009 00:23

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09/10/2009 16:55

I'm not sure what any of that is. Martian maybe?

12/05/2009 18:36

My Canadian/Snowbird friends down here in Palm Desert CA alerted me to the great taste of pig tails. Can anyone tell me where I can buy some in SoCal?
Thank you.

12/07/2009 07:42

My advice would be to either go to an Asian grocery in your area or build a good relationship with your local butcher and ask him.

Happy hunting!

Big Mama
12/11/2009 11:56

You haven't had good eating until you try chicken feet casserole.

01/09/2012 14:12

I just made chicken feet stew for the first time, OMG, it was so delicious. Went back to the store and bought 2 more packages.

12/12/2009 14:56

@Big Mama - I would love the recipe for that!

Mattie clarington
03/16/2011 16:21

some people do not eat pigtails , but if you eat the hams,shoulders or any other part of the pig you can eat the pigstail,including the feet ,they are goooooood.
Mrs. Mattie Clarington Thanks

03/17/2011 05:31

I agree Mrs. Clarington!

07/13/2012 10:12

i will try your recipe right now and publish it next week, tks to your mum

Peter Ledwon
02/24/2013 09:57

I might have been sitting beside you at the Blue Moon, had you been there 40 years ago. I'd had pig tails more than once at the Charcoal Steak House in Kitchener back then, but had forgotten I'd also feasted on them several times at the Blue Moon. Loved them from both places. My sister just visited from Kitchener, and left me a dozen beautiful tails she picked up from a butcher. Thanks for bringing back the memories, and especially for the recipe.

02/01/2014 10:16

if you come up to St. Jacobs this is where are market is. you will find lots of wonderful meats, and also in Elmira well known for pig tails etc. and very fresh.

01/23/2014 06:44

I don’t ordinarily comment but I gotta tell thank you for the post on this special one

02/05/2014 18:30

lots of places up here in town have them, best eating with sourkrout so good, try it.. we eat it with sourkrout mixed with some brown suger and onions.


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