Eating Nose to Tail

Last Thursday I had dinner at Craigie on Main.  It had been highly recommended by many people whose opinions I respect.  Once I looked at the menu online and saw that they served pig tails I knew I had to visit.  I was not disappointed.

All of my previous pig tail experience had been through my Mum.  She makes a broiled pig tail that comes out crisp with a sweet and spicy glaze, and she makes a pepper pot soup with pig tails, callaloo, scotch bonnets and various root vegetables.  Both are favorites of mine, so these pig tails had a lot to live up to.

I was not disappointed, they were delicious.  The tails were cut into small segments, not served whole. The serving was large for one person but probably a good size for two.  Although I ate all of them pretty much unaided.  They were well seasoned and served with crisp fried onions and chili's on top of a puddle of nuoc cham.  The tails were tender but also had a bit of crunch.  Totally different than what my Mum makes, and in my opinion just as good (sorry Mum!)

We also ordered the much talked about burger and the potato galette.  The galette was described by our server as 'potato crack',  which turned out to be a very apt description because I could have easily gone back for seconds and thirds  The galette was served with crisp bits of bacon, salmon roe and a flavored cream.  The burger was as good as any I'd ever had, but cost $18, and for my money I'd definitely rather have the pig tails which cost $11.

The restaurant itself is definitely upscale, but the bar food was high quality and reasonably affordable considering the quality and atmosphere.  For an upscale nose to tail experience I would happily recommend Craigie on Main. I will be taking my Mum to try the pig tails the next time she visits.
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06/25/2013 00:21

When I read the article, I also want to visit that place. From your explanation, my mouth is watering and I love to have pig tails. Can you please add some of the photos of the dish? Thank you for introducing this nice place. Good luck.

10/21/2013 02:35

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