Eating Nose to Tail


I love lunch, it's my favorite meal.  Long leisurely lunches shared with friends and multiple bottles of wine, quick lunches standing on the street, lunch by myself at home with the contents of my fridge.  All of them.

Today I had a tongue sandwich, with a few slices of tomatoes and a good smear of mustard.  Once again I did fry my tongue slices, as I've said previously I think this is my favorite way of eating corned beef tongue.

Sliced tongue with some tomatoes before it's fried.
The slices of tongue are fried until the edges are crispy and then left to rest while the rest of my sammie gets assembled.  A smear of dijon on the bottom of the bun, followed by my sliced tomatoes.  The fried tongue goes on top and then the top of the bun.
The fully assembled sandwich.
This is a truly great sandwich.  The tongue is slightly crispy from being fried but still very meaty, the tomatoes are  juicy and the mustard is tart.
The last few bites.
There is definitely room in my sandwich repertoire for this bad boy. 

So far I've had a quick snack, lunch and dinner with this tongue.  Not to mention the slices that have been given away to curious friends.  And it still looks like I'll be eating this tongue a few more times, I'm thinking a tongue hash for brunch may be in my future.

Starting on this venture I never would have guessed that corned beef tongue would be as versatile as it is, but it seems like it can be worked into every meal of the day.  At least to those of us who are willing to face tongue first thing in the morning.


06/28/2009 18:06

and really who doesnt want a little morning tongue?

06/29/2009 07:30

I suppose that depends on the circumstances, :P

08/16/2013 00:16

I should say, the tongue dishes you share are really wonderful. I really liked the sliced tongue with tomatoes. Prepared some of the dishes you shared. Nice. I am going to try some more soon. Will let you know the results!

03/27/2014 23:57

I have a presentation next week,and I am on the look for such information.


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