Eating Nose to Tail


Saturday night I went to a friends house for dinner, and because I have eaten so much tongue over the past week I thought I would bring what's left of it with me.  My thinking was this way I would be contributing to dinner as well as getting rid of the tongue.  Truthfully, I'm not sure how much more tongue I can take.

This concoction is once again a tribute to Fergus Henderson.  In The Whole Beast Mr. Henderson does a salad with chunks of bread, various lettuces and thin slices of cold tongue.  This is dressed with his green sauce, of which I have a lot left over from earlier this week.  Mr. Henderson also inspired me to try radish top salad, which has since turned into one of my favorites, so instead of searching out many different lettuces I used radish tops.

I began by thinly slicing the tongue.

Slices of tongue, and what's left of the tip
In a large bowl I placed a few good spoonfuls of the green sauce, followed by my chunks of old bread.  That was left to sit for awhile so that the bread could soak up the sauce.  I washed the radish tops really well (they tend to be really gritty) and then placed the thin slices of tongue on top of the bread and sauce.
There is sauce and bread under all that tongue.
Once the radish tops were dry and grit free the whole mess gets tossed together, loosened with more sauce and olive oil and re-seasoned.
Looks a little weird, I have to admit.
The final product was actually pretty good.  The  crusty bread soaked up the sauce, the radish tops gave some lightness as well as some pepperiness, and the thinly sliced tongue worked well with everything and managed to not steal the show.
That's the tongue on the top left of the plate.  With it are some roasted potatoes and pesto, a lamb chop and some deep fried eggplant.  It was all delicious.

My host for dinner is taking the rest of the tongue to a culinary school where he's an instructor to be eaten by students.  I had a good run with the tongue, but I'm afraid in the end the tongue was simply way too much food for a person who likes variety in their diet.  Lesson learned, don't make a corned beef tongue unless BOTH people in the household like it and want to eat it constantly for a week.  I will make corned beef tongue again, but probably not for quite a while. 

All in all a good experience.  I can now say I have corned something (maybe I'll do a brisket soon) and the beef tongue holds much less mystery then it did a month ago.


07/02/2009 12:54

Interesting.... I am impressed!

07/05/2009 14:46

It was really good, I really like bread salads in general thought :)

08/27/2013 00:09

Thanks for sharing this great dish. I think this tribute to Fergus Henderson must have been great one. I will definitely try preparing this dish at home as I have great passion for cooking. I think the roasted potatoes will add to the taste of the dish.

10/02/2013 12:43

Seems great, personally I love smoked tongue.


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