Eating Nose to Tail


Because of an urgent family situation I'll be out of the country for the rest of the week.  Sadly, my tongue is going to have to wait until I get back  The plan is to take the tongue out of the brine, rinse it, freeze it and then give it an nice slow thaw and proceed with the boiling, peeling and eating when I get back.

My apologies for the delay, hopefully I'll be back next week.



06/11/2009 09:38

I hope everything turns out okay.

06/11/2009 10:14

Thank you!

06/12/2009 16:18

So why the freeze?

And what is washing one's meat? Is it always necessary? Or just sometimes?

Are all tongue recipes this involved? Would there be tongue for dummies? Or is this process necessary?

06/13/2009 17:59

I froze the tongue because I didn't think keeping it in the brine for longer was a good or yummy idea.

Normally I rinse all the meats I brine, just a habit. Gets off all the excess saltiness.

I would say that a less involved tongue recipe would just be a boiled tongue. This recipe just seems involved because there's a lot of waiting around.


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