Eating Nose to Tail


Today it was a little rainy in MA, so it seemed to be the perfect day to start making my soup.  I did not have a ham stock like the recipe asked for, but I did have some pork stock left over from when I made head cheese last.  Also, I had four pig's ears and not two like the recipe asked for, so all four went in the pot.  I used almost double the liquid the recipe called for so I'm guessing it's going to be alright.  It's really a simple recipe; pig's ears, onions, stock and split peas go into a pot for three hours.  Then the pig's ears are removed, sliced thinly and deep fried to what I'm hoping will be a delightful crisp and placed on top as a garnish.

I'll just be making the soup tonight, and taking the pigs ears out to cool and slice tomorrow.  Hopefully this will be my lunch at work all week.  I have very high hopes for this recipe, although the pig's ears have turned a mildly disturbing dark colour while they simmer away with the peas and onions.  I thought about putting a picture up, but I'm having some technical difficulties.  The pig's ears are no longer the pleasant pink colour they were in the photo above, enough said.  Anyway, high hopes.



09/06/2013 02:09

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12/04/2013 20:43

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