Eating Nose to Tail

After  spending the day with a large amount of serrano ham, I really needed something soothing to put in my belly.  There are a lot of things that I find soothing (rice flour rolls, hot toddy's, leftover roast beef, warm bread, all soups) but today it was a bowl of streamed broccoli topped with dried shrimp and sriracha with a simple garlic/ginger congee.
These dried shrimp are far more delicate than the last ones I used in congee, much smaller as well - almost translucent.  Far less toothy and fishy.  It's a little hard to see in the picture, but I love the little black eyes staring out from their pinkish translucent bodies.

Use 1/4 cup of rice and 1 cup of water, with 1 clove or diced garlic and 1 knob of mashed ginger to make a very simple, easy on the stomach congee.  Just bring everything to a simmer, cook until the rice is soft, and season with soy sauce and/or fish sauce . Then simply steam the broccoli and top with dried shrimp and a drizzle of sriracha.  A few shakes of sesame seeds are nice as well.

If anyone has a suggestion of what else to do with dried shrimp I'd love to hear them.
Every year Ross and I go to Madison WI for American Thanksgiving to visit the Tiefenthalers and old friends.  I've gone on about my love of Wisconsin here before so I'll save you - but it's truly a fantastic state.

While we were there we had the opportunity to go the farmers market.  I bought some cheese curds, a ten year old chedder, jalapeno cheese of some sort, a few emu sticks for our bloody mary's and a nice piece of bison braunschweiger. 
Bison braunschweiger on toast, green salad and the bigged cheese curd I've ever seen.
The liver is strong, but perfectly seasoned so that it's not overbearing.  The texture is coarser than the liverwurst I'm used to, almost closer to a country pâté.

One of my favorite things about Wisconsin is how feverishly they hold onto their Eastern European roots, while making those traditions undeniably mid-western.  This bison braunschweiger (a smoked liverwurst type sausage) is such a wonderful example of that.  An Eastern European classic, made with bison - it's just so awesomely Wisconsin.