Eating Nose to Tail

Thanksgiving may have past, but if you're like me you may still have some extra goodies lying around. To me the  giblets are the best part of Thanksgiving, whether you make a giblet gravy, or use them in stock they are vital to a proper Thanksgiving meal - at least in my mind.
Turkey liver.
Having recently learned how to 'pot' things I decided to pot my turkey liver in order to give it some extra fat, and hide it from my offal loving family. Potted foods are similar to confit foods, in that they are both set in fat.  Confit is generally a animal fat, whereas potted food are set in clarified butter.

I began by gently cooking my liver with onions and thyme, then adding some port and reducing.
Turkey liver, onion, thyme, butter, and port.
Then the whole batch was chopped, then run through a robot coup, and pushed through a fine mesh strainer, seasoned, and finally set in a little dish and topped with clarified butter.
Turkey liver, begging to be tasted.
After all that it was a simple matter of letting the clarified butter set and making some toast.
Potted Turkey Liver
My favorite part of potted foods is that if you get the timing right, and the clarified butter has softened just a little bit, and the toast is piping hot the butter will melt as you spread your potted loveliness over the toast adding a richness that can brighten you out of even the most sour mood.

This preparation works very well with chicken livers as well, but there's something about the more intense flavor of turkey liver that just sets me in