Eating Nose to Tail

Meat CSA



After spending the summer sharing a veggie CSA with a buddy of mine I'm totally hooked.  Community Supported Agriculture is the way to go - no grocery shopping and different produce every week.  Not to mention supporting local farmers.  There is no downside.

These particular buddies whom I shared the CSA with happen to be are vegetarian, so I branched out on my own to join a Meat CSA.  Small farm in Mass, who will be supplying us with 5lbs a month of humanely raised beef, chicken, pork and lamb.

I couldn't resist asking about getting some offal, and some other more interesting cuts.  Turns out that they pack a box of cuts free for the taking at all pick ups!  This information has turned around my day.

If you're in the Massachusetts area check out Stillman's at the Turkey Farm for some local, humanely and sustainably raised meats.
Why hello there!  It's been a while, hasn't it?  Why, yes.  Yes it has.

Alright, it's been a busy summer.  Lots of time spent with friends.  New job, with new hours.  My first 40 hour, nine to five.

With summer came summer grill outs.  Late this summer I discovered the joy of grilling head-on shrimp, especially in a simple chili marinade.
There's something so satisfying about looking your lunch in their beady little eyes.  These guys cost 7$ and change for a pound and a half at my new favorite store HMART.  If you've got one in your area go right now.

Marinate overnight if you've got the time, if not try to baste them for the minute and a half they are on the grill.  For this particular batch I used Sriracha sauce and another one or two chili sauces floating around my fridge.  Truthfully, it's really hard to screw up a recipe of grilled shrimp.
The great thing about shrimp is that even with their heads still on 90% of people will still eat them.  My dear friend Mandy, who is not a nose to tail person at all, ate these and loved them.  Granted she did not go as far as sucking on their little heads after tearing them off like some of us - but still.
Serve hot off the grill and definitely suck on their little heads - lots of great flavour in there.

Looking forward to fall and some nice slow braises.  Maybe I'll even tackle tripe.