Eating Nose to Tail

Fried dab roe over salad
Looks like buffalo chicken tenders - I know.  In fact, those lovely orange sacs are fresh roe that I cut out of 4 dabs moments before frying.  

This week my CSF gave me 4 dab, which are a grey flat fish.  Not really popular but when cooked properly the fish is soft, and sweet.  When I began cutting my dab I was really excited to see the bright orange sacks of roe, even though it meant that the yield I would get as for as fish fillets go would be lower.
Dab roe
Once my fillets were cleaned and away, and my bones were simmering I turned to the row.  After taking a look around the internet on how to prepare it I settled on simply coated with flour then fried and served over some greens.
Flour with salt and spices, then a quick fry in some vegetable oil.  When I tasted my first bite of roe I was shocked - there was not a lot of flavor, and they were definitely not in the least bit fishy.  Actually what they reminded me the most of was a slightly weird nugget of some sort.  

I'm actually wondering if I cooked them wrong, is it possible that fish roe just isn't very fishy by nature?  In either case they made a nice warm and crisp addition to a green salad, and I'm sure I could serve them to anyone who claims to not like fish without them blinking an eye.